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Civil War Timeline

Causes of the Civil War
Homefront of the Civil War
Effects of the Civil War
Civil War Timeline

The American Civil War


6 Lincoln elected.

20 South Carolina secedes.
26 Garrison transferred from Fort Moultrie to Fort Sumter.

9 Mississippi secedes; Star of the West fired upon
10 Florida Secedes
11 Alabama secedes.
19 Georgia secedes.
21 Withdrawal of five Southern members of the U.S.Senate: Yulee and Mallory of Florida, Clay and Fitzpatrick of Alabama, and Davis of Mississippi.
26 Louisiana secedes.
29 Kansas admitted to the Union as a free state.

1 Texas convention votes for secession.
4 lst Session, Provisional Confederate Congress, convenes as a convention.
9 Jefferson Davis elected provisional Confederate president.
18 Jefferson Davis inaugurated.
23 Texas voters approve secession.

MARCH 1861
4 Lincoln inaugurated; Special Senate Session of 37th Congress convenes.
16 lst Session, Provisional Confederate Congress, adjourns. 28-Special Senate Session of 37th Congress adjourns.

APRIL 1861
12 Bombardment of Fort Sumter begins.
13 Fort Sumter surrenders to Southern forces.
17 Virginia secedes.
19 6th Massachusetts attacked by Baltimore mob; Lincoln declares blockade of Southern coast.
20 Norfolk, Virginia, Navy Yard evacuated.
29 2nd Session, Provisional Confederate Congress, convenes; Maryland rejects secession.

MAY 1861
6 Arkansas secedes; Tennessee legislature calls for popular vote on secession.
10 Union forces capture Camp Jackson, and a riot follows in St. Louis.
13 Baltimore occupied by U.S. troops.
20 North Carolina secedes.
21 2nd Session, Provisional Confederate Congress, adjourns.
23 Virginia voters approve secession. 24-Union troops seize Alexandria, Virginia.

JUNE 1861
1 Skirmish at Fairfax Courthouse, Virginia.
3 Battle of Philippi (western Virginia).
8 Tennessee voters approve secession.
10 Battle of Big Bethel (Virginia).
17 Battle of Booneville (Missouri).

JULY 1861
4 lst Session, 37th Congress, convenes.
5 Battle of Carthage (Missouri).
11 Battle of Rich Mountain (western Virginia).
13 Battle of Carrick's Ford (western Virginia).
18 Battle of Blackburn's Ford (Virginia).
20 3rd Session, Provincial Confederate Congress, convenes.
21 Battle of 1st Bull Run (Virginia).

6 1st Session, 37th Congress adjourns.
10 Battle of Wilson's Creek.
27 Fort Clark, North Carolina, captured by Union.
28 Fort Hatteras, North Carolina, surrenders to Union.
31 3rd Session, Provisional Confederate Congress, adjourns.

3 4th (called) Session, Provisional Confederate Congress, convenes and adjourns; Confederate troops enter Kentucky, ending the state's neutrality.
6 Union troops capture Paducah, Kentucky.
10 Battle of Carnifax Ferry (Virginia).
11 Cheat Mountain Campaign (to the 15th).
12 Siege of Lexington, Missouri (to the 20th).
20 Lexington, Missouri, surrenders to Confederates.

21 Battle of Ball's Bluff (Virginia).

6 Jefferson Davis elected regular president of the Confederacy.
7 Belmont, Missouri, and Port Royal, South Carolina, fall to Union.
8 Seizure of Confederates Mason and Slidell from aboard the British Trent by the USS San Jacinto.
18 5th Session, Provisional Confederate Congress, convenes.
28 Missouri admitted to Confederacy despite its not having seceded.

2 2nd Session, 37th Congress, convenes.
13 Battle of Camp Alleghany (western Virginia).
20 Battle of Dranesville (Virginia).

19 Battle of Mill Springs (or Fishing Creek, Logan's Crossroads) (Kentucky).

6 Battle of Fort Henry (Tennessee).
8 Battle of Roanoke Island (North Carolina).
12 Battle of Fort Donelson (Tennessee) (to the 16th).
16 Fort Donelson surrenders to Union.
17 5th (final) Session, Provisional Confederate Congress, adjourns.
18 lst Session, lst Confederate Congress, convenes.
21 Battle of Valverde (New Mexico Territory).
22 Jefferson Davis inaugurated as regular president.
MARCH 1862
6 Battle of Pea Ridge (Arkansas) (to the 8th).
8 Hampton Roads Naval Actions (Virginia) (to the 9th).
9 Monitor vs.Virginia at Hampton Roads.
14 Capture of New Madrid, Missouri, and New Bern, North Carolina, by Union.
23 Battle of Kernstown (Virginia).
26 Battle of Apache Canyon (New Mexico Territory).
28 Battle of Glorieta (or Pigeon's Ranch) (New Mexico Territory).

APRIL 1862
5 Siege of Yorktown, Virginia (to May 4).
6 Battle of Shiloh (Tennessee) (to the 7th).
7 Island # 10 (Missouri) falls to Union.
11 Fort Pulaski (Georgia) captured by Union.
18 Bombardment of Forts Jackson and St. Philip, Louisiana (to the 24th).
21 lst Session, 1st Confederate Congress, adjourns.
24 Federal naval forces pass Forts Jackson and St. Philip below New Orleans.
25 Fort Macon, North Carolina, captured and New Orleans falls to Union.

MAY 1862
4 Yorktown, Virginia, occupied by Union.
5 Battle of Williamsburg (Virginia).
8 Battle of McDowell (West Virginia).
10 Norfolk, Virginia, occupied by Union; battle of Plum Bend (Tennessee).
15 Battle of Drewry's Bluff (Virginia).
23 Battle of Front Royal (Virginia).
25 Battle of lst Winchester (Virginia).
30 Corinth, Mississippi, taken by Union.
31 Battle of Seven Pines or Fair Oaks (Virginia) (to June lst).

JUNE 1862
5 Fort Pillow, Tennessee, abandoned by Confederates.
6 Battle of Memphis (Tennessee).
8 Battle of Cross Keys (Virginia).
9 Battle of Port Republic (Virginia).
16 Battle of Secessionville (South Carolina).
25 Battles of the Seven Days (Virginia) (to July 1; includes those marked with *).
26 Beaver Dam Creek*.
27 Gaines' Mill*.
29 Savage Station*.
30 Frayser's Farm*; White Oak Swamp*.

JULY 1862
1 Malvern Hill*.
17 2nd Session, 37th Congress, adjourns

5 Battle of Baton Rouge (Louisiana).
9 Battle of Cedar (or Slaughter) Mountain (Virginia).
17 Sioux uprising (to September 23) in Minnesota.
18 2nd Session, lst Confederate Congress, convenes.
28 Battle of 2nd Bull Run (Virginia) (to the 30th).
30 Battle of Richmond (Kentucky).

1 Battle of Chantilly (Virginia).
14 Battles of South Mountain (Maryland) and Crampton's Gap (Maryland).
15 Fall of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, to Confederates.
17 Battles of Antietam (Maryland) and Munfordville (Kentucky).
19 Battle of Iuka (Mississippi).
22 Emancipation Proclamation issued.

3 Battle of Corinth (Mississippi) (to the 4th)
8 Battle of Perryville (Kentucky).
13 2nd Session, lst Confederate Congress, convenes.

1 3rd Session, 37th Congress, convenes.
7 Battle of Prairie Grove (Arkansas).
13 Battle of Fredericksburg (Virginia).
20 Holly Springs, Mississippi, raided by Southerners
29 Battle of Chickasaw Bayou (Mississippi).
31 Battle of Murfreesboro (Tennessee) (to January 2, 1863).

1 Emancipation Proclamation takes effect; battle of Galveston Harbor (Texas).
11 Arkansas Post, Arkansas, captured by Union forces.
12 3rd Session, lst Confederate Congress, convenes.
19 "Mud March" (to the 22nd) by Army of the Potomac from Rappahannock River.
31 Charleston blockade disrupted (South Carolina).

MARCH 1863
3 3rd (final) Session, 37th Congress, adjourns.
4 Special Senate Session, 38th Congress, convenes.
11 Yazoo Pass Expedition blocked at Fort Pemberton, Mississippi.
14 Special Senate Session, 38th Congress, adjourns.
17 Battle of Kelly's Ford (Virginia).

APRIL 1863
7 Charleston naval attack by Union ironclads.
17 Grierson's Raid begins from La Grange, Tennessee.

MAY 1863
1 3rd Session, lst Confederate Congress, adjourns; battle of Port Gibson (Mississippi) (Vicksburg Campaign); battle of Chancellorsville (Virginia) (to the 4th).
12 Battle of Raymond (Mississippi) (Vicksburg Campaign).
14 Battle of Jackson (Mississippi) (Vicksburg Campaign).
16 Battle of Champion Hill (Mississippi) (Vicksburg Campaign).
17 Battle of Big Black River Bridge (Mississippi)(Vicksburg Campaign).
18 Vicksburg, Mississippi, siege begins (to July 4).
19 lst Vicksburg assault by Union.
21 Port Hudson, Louisiana, siege begins (to July 8).
22 2nd Union assault at Vicksburg, Mississippi.
27 lst Union assault at Port Hudson, Louisiana

JUNE 1863
7 Battle of Milliken's Bend (Louisiana).
9 Battle of Brandy Station (Virginia).
14 2nd Union assault at Port Hudson; battle of 2nd Winchester (Virginia).
15 Stephenson's Depot (Virginia).
23 Tullahoma Campaign begun by Union (Tennessee) (to July 7).

JULY 1863
1 Battle of Gettysburg (Pennsylvania) (to the 3rd).
4 Vicksburg, Mississippi, surrenders to Union.
8 Port Hudson, Louisiana, surrenders to Union; Morgan's raid north of the Ohio begins in Indiana (to the 26th).
10 Union siege of Battery Wagner in Charleston Harbor,South Carolina, begins (to September 6).
11 lst Union assault on Battery Wagner in Charleston Harbor.
13 New York City draft riots begin (to the 15th).
18 2nd Union assault on Battery Wagner in Charleston Harbor.
26 John Hunt Morgan captured at New Lisbon, Ohio.

17 Fort Sumter, South Carolina, bombarded by Union.
21 Lawrence, Kansas, sacked by Quantrill's Confederate raiders

6 Battery Wagner in Charleston Harbor abandoned by Confederates.
10 Little Rock, Arkansas, captured by Union.
19 Battle of Chickamauga (Georgia) (to the 20th).

9 Bristoe Campaign begins in Virginia (to the 22nd).
14 Battle of Bristoe Station (Virginia).

7 Battle of Rappahannock Station (Virginia).
23 Battle of Chattanooga (Tennessee) (to the 25th).
26 Mine Run Campaign begins in Virginia (to December 2).
29 Battle of Fort Sanders (Knoxville, Tennessee).

7 4th Session, lst Confederate Congress, convenes; lst Session, 38th Congress, convenes.

3 Meridian Campaign begins in Mississippi (to the 14th).
17 4th (final) Session, lst Confederate Congress, adjourns.
20 Battle of Olustee (Florida). 22-Battle of Okolona (Mississippi).

MARCH 1864
12 Red River Campaign begins (Louisiana).

APRIL 1864
8 Battle of Mansfield (Louisiana).
9 Battle of Pleasant Hill (Louisiana).
12 Fort Pillow, Tennessee, massacre; battle of Blair's Landing (Louisiana) (to the 13th).
17 Battle of Plymouth (North Carolina) (to the 20th).
30 Battle of Jenkins' Ferry (Arkansas).

MAY 1864
2 1st Session, 2nd Confederate Congress, convenes.
5 Battle of the Wilderness (Virginia) (to the 6th).
6 Battle of Port Walthall junction (Virginia) (to the 7th).
7 Atlanta Campaign (to September 2) begins from Chattanooga, Tennessee.
8 Battle of Spotsylvania (Virginia) (to the 21st).
9 Battles of Snake Creek Gap and Dalton (Georgia) (latter to the 13th).
11 Battle of Yellow Tavern (Virginia).
14 Battle of Resaca (Georgia) to the 15th.
15 Battle of New Market (Virginia).
16 Battle of Drewry's Bluff (Virginia).
23 Battle of the North Anna (Virginia) (to the 26th).
25 Battle of New Hope Church (Georgia) (to June 4).
30 Bethesda Church (Virginia) (to June 3).

JUNE 1864
1 Battle of Cold Harbor (Virginia) (to the 3rd).
10 Battle of Brice's Crossroads (Mississippi).
11 Battle of Trevilian Station (Virginia).
14 1st Session, 2nd Confederate Congress, adjourns; battle of Pine Mountain (Georgia).
15 Petersburg, Virginia, assaults (to the 18th) by Union.
18 Petersburg, Virginia, siege begun by Union (to April 2,1865).
19 Battle of the USS Kearsarge and the CSS Alabama off Cherbourg, France
27 Battle of Kennesaw Mountain (Georgia),

JULY 1864
4 lst Session, 38th Congress, adjourns.
9 Battle of Monocacy (Maryland).
11 Battle of Fort Stevens (Maryland).
14 Battle of Tupelo (Mississippi).
20 Battle of Peachtree Creek (Georgia).
22 Battle of Atlanta (Georgia).
28 Battle of Ezra Church (Georgia).
30 Petersburg Mine exploded by Union sappers and battle of the Crater follows (Virginia).

5 Battle of Mobile Bay (Alabama).
18 Battle of the Weldon Railroad (Virginia) (to the 19th).
25 Battle of Reams' Station (Virginia).
31 Battle of Jonesboro (Georgia) (to September 1).

2 Atlanta occupied by Union troops (Georgia).
19 3rd Battle of Winchester (Virginia).
22 Battle of Fisher's Hill (Virginia).
Battle of Pilot Knob (Missouri)
29 Battle of Peebles'Farm (to October 2) and Chaffin's Farm/ Fort Harrison (to October 1) (Virginia).

5 Battle of Allatoona (Georgia).
9 Battle of Tom's Brook (Virginia).
19 Battle of Cedar Creek (Virginia).
23 Battle of Westport (Missouri).
27 Battle of Burgess' Mill/Boydron Plank Road (Virginia).

7 2nd Session, 2nd Confederate Congress, convenes
8 Lincoln reelected.
16 March to the Sea (to December 21) begins from Atlanta,Georgia.
29 Battles of Spring Hill (Tennessee) and Sand Creek (Colorado Territory).
30 Battle of Franklin (Tennessee)

5 2nd Session, 38th Congress, convenes.
15 Battle of Nashville (Tennessee) (to the 16th).
21 Savannah, Georgia, occupied by Union.
24 lst Union attack on Fort Fisher, North Carolina (to the 25th).

13 2nd Union attack on Fort Fisher (to the 15th).
15 Fort Fisher, North Carolina, falls to Union naval and land forces.
19 Carolinas Campaign begins at Savannah, Georgia (to April 26).

5 Battle of Hatcher's Run (Virginia) (to the 7th).

MARCH 1865
2 Battle of Waynesboro (Virginia).
3 2nd (final) Session, 38th Congress, adjourns.
4 Lincoln reinaugurated.
8 Battle of Kinston (North Carolina) (to the 10th).
16 Battle of Averysboro (North Carolina).
18 2nd (final) Session 2nd Confederate Congress, adjourns.
19 Battle of Bentonville (North Carolina) (to the 21st).
22 Wilson's raid (to April 24) south into Alabama.
25 Battle of Fort Stedman (Virginia); siege of Mobile, Alabama (to April 12).
31 Battle of Dinwiddie Court House (Virginia).

APRIL 1865
1 Battle of Five Forks (Virginia).
2 Selma, Alabama, falls; final Union assault on Petersburg,Virginia.
3 Richmond and Petersburg occupied by Union forces.
6 Battle of Sayler's Creek (Virginia).
7 Battle of High Bridge (Virginia).
9 Battles of Appomattox (Virginia) and Fort Blakely (Alabama); Lee surrenders at Appomattox.
12 Mobile, Alabama, surrenders to Union forces.
14 Lincoln shot by John Wilkes Booth.
15 Lincoln dies.
26 Johnston surrenders to Sherman in North Carolina.

MAY 1865
4 Taylor surrenders to Canby in Alabama.
26 Smith surrenders to Canby in Trans-Mississippi.

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